Saturday, May 29, 2010

Princess Nala--Utah Arizona Pet Photography


Meet little Miss Princess Nala, the most adorable little ball of fluff around.  Don't you just want to put her in your pocket and take her home?!  I had to restrain myself! 




Even her nose and whiskers are cute!




Princess Nala is the pride and joy of Mele.  For 10 years they have been together loving, brushing, playing, brushing, bonding, brushing and did I say brushing?  It takes a lot of pampering to keep a princess looking this great.







Princess Nala is getting old.  It is so hard to see a pet age.  But Nala is so lucky to have a caring family that dotes on her and pampers her like any princess deserves.  I love seeing how Mele adores her.  Their bond and connection is strong. 


One little interaction that I saw reminded me of a well rehearsed dance.  Whenever Mele goes to pick Nala up, Nala lifts one paw just the right way and readies herself to be scooped up.  I am sure they have repeated this little ritual thousands of times without even thinking about it.  It was so sweet, it nearly made me cry.




This is Nala's safe place.  The place she will age gracefully.  The place she will be brushed, loved, adored, caressed and kissed.  And dang it, now I am crying.  Ofa 'atu little princess.


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