Friday, November 18, 2011

Loving Love {Arizona Family Photographer)

Neither rain, nor snow, nor art festival could keep the love from shining! 
This family was jam packed with love, talent and character. 
From baseball, softball, football, and flag football to sports mom and business man—all the bases are covered.
They are easy going, flexible and a real pleasure to get to know.

Thank you for sharing a wonderful evening. You are AWESOME!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

One Word.









Saturday, November 12, 2011

No Self Control {Arizona Family Photography}





be in

but I just can’t help posting at least these 2 images of these beautiful children.


And now I am back, rested and still trying to control myself. 
This time I am trying to control how many pics to put on this preview.
I am drowning in adorableness.  Is adorableness even word?
Well, it is now!

Things I don’t want to forget about this night:
Cute babies turn into cute toddlers.
Bottom scooting is underrated.
Speaking of scooting, 6 years olds are to be wrapped in bubble wrap before riding scooters the week before the photo shoot.
A big brother’s job is to pass down excellent sword fighting skills.
A princess who offers to share her princess slippers will have loyal subjects FOREVER.
LOVE is what it is all about.

Thanks again for allowing me the privilege of photographing your beautiful family this year!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Big Giggles. {Arizona Family Photographer}

When you have parents who can giggle,

you get kids that can giggle.

This family was so fun to photograph because not only did they bring cool props (Grandma’s vintage quilt, old ladder, chalk board, bucket, big comfy couch),
but they came and had a great time.  Even the dog had fun. 

Family pictures can be so stressful, but I loved how easily they laughed together.  They laughed at all my jokes and all their jokes—it was awesome.
I am sure there is a saying somewhere that says, “Families that giggle together, stay together.”

A BIG thank you for a very fun photo shoot.  Love you guys!

PS—Mom says anyone can borrow her props, just let me know and we can make arrangements for you to pick them up.


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