Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So Many


So many captive photo pawns at the pool. . .so little time!

bonds 156ps

bonds 193


bonds 140 

bonds 200

bonds 251


summer 09 pool and bonds


bonds 178

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Seriously, so serious

Do you think this girl loves swimming or what?!

I am entering her and her serious love of swimming in the ilovefaces weekly photo contest. Join me and many others if you will, with your own picture of sports in action.

butterfly 2009 109c

Fly like a butterfly, Bullseye

and good luck at divisionals!


Saturday, June 20, 2009

About Me

  • Photography is my passion. My husband is tolerating the affair. My children? Well, not so much. They are a little tired of the camera lens in their faces. How about if I follow you around instead?

  • I am a natural light lover and so that is what I use to take pictures. I am drawn to parks, backyards, front porches, green lawns, fountains, and quiet shady spots.

  • Natural window light is very soft and flattering, so if you have room with an abundance of sunlight and wish for a photo shoot in the comfort of your home, we'll be there. Me, my camera and I.


  • I specialize in couples, children, families, babies, teens, senior portraits, school portraits, engagement and pets. Pretty much everything except weddings. 

  • I service the Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler and Gilbert area. I will travel with you to Hawaii or Paris or Japan if you like. ;o)


Here are just a few great reasons to celebrate with keepsake photographs that will keep the memories bright:



--Family Portrait  (Christmas and Easter are great times)

--Graduating Senior




--Head shots



Look me up!

Lather, rinse, REPEAT

 nixin colburn 7 months 6-09 013ps

Okay, so this isn't an advertisement for shampoo but I just couldn't help focus on the word REPEAT.  As in, since I started taking pictures for other people 8 months ago, this little doll is my first REPEAT customer.  

You can see her first shoot here.   We have both changed A LOT.

nixin colburn 7 months 6-09 294

Couldn't you just

nixin colburn 7 months 6-09 159ps


eat her right up?!

nixin colburn 7 months 6-09 161ps

 The irresistible toes can be dessert.nixin colburn 7 months 6-09 185

But only if this cute guy didn't eat them already. 

Burp. . .

nixin colburn 7 months 6-09 264

Kudos to mom for all her darling outfits and fun ideas. 

Contact me

I can be reached at:  or you can find me on Facebook here and Instagram @headfirstphoto.


What happens when impending stormy weather threatens to postpone a photo shoot and you call to move up the shoot time?
If you are this cool guy, nothing.
No complaining about hair, make-up or outfit. No whining about the windy day or wearing a wool blend suit in the Arizona summer weather.
kyle  davis missionary 6-10
What happens if I hear thru the grapevine that he only wants one photo taken?
Like me taking about 100.
kyle  davis missionary 6-12
What happens when he suggests he might not want remove those stylin' glasses to reveal those killer blue eyes?
You tell me!
kyle  davis missionary 6-09 128
What happens when his mother kindly declines and invitation to be in a picture with her soon-to-be-missionary son and I sneak her in the background anyway?
I hope.
kyle  davis missionary 6-11


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