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school portraits fall 2010 Updated with more CHOICES!!!: {MESA, GILBERT, hIGLEY, CHANDLER aRIZONA AREA}






Would you like to try something different than the traditional back-to-school portrait this year?


*Try my mini photo shoot on location with an outdoor naturally lit backdrop and my amazing new Mercedes Lens.



Would you like to know how your child looks the moment before the picture is taken?


*Be there at the photo shoot to spot clean off the crumbs, tuck away the turkey tail and help coax out the adorable smile and laughter that makes your child so unique.

Would you like to have more flexibility in choosing your portrait package?


*Try my custom package where you decide which picture will be an 8x10, which will be a 5x7 and how many of each of those you will order.


Would you like to take the digital negatives and print them yourself?


*Try my digital only package and receive the high resolution images with print permission by email after you have selected them from your private web album and then take them to the printer of your choice.


Would you like to be able to remember which grade or year the picture was taken?


*Try my custom text feature where you can add name/school year/grade or message to your picture.




For $30 $25 you get:

  • Mini photo shoot (approximately 5-10min.) with several poses!
  • Access to a private web album to view and choose your pictures!
  • 1 high resolution image with print release for additional printing and/or use on your blog, website, facebook etc. to be sent by mail!
  • Images printed at a professional lab on Kodak Professional Supra Endura VC Digital Paper.  This E-Surface Paper is by far this lab’s most popular paper.   “Accurate color, realistic saturation, excellent neutral flesh reproduction and brighter colors are just a few of the attributes to describe E-Surface paper.  With this paper don’t worry about prints fading. The standard archival value is 100 years in home display and 200 years in dark storage.”
  • Custom text to add year, name, school, grade etc.
  • 4 portrait sheet choices (any pose, any size)!

Eight minis= 1 sheet
Eight wallets = 1 sheet
Two 5x7 = 1 sheet
One 8x10 = 1 sheet





For $15 you get:

  • Mini photo shoot (approximately 5-10min.) with several poses!
  • Access to a private web album to view and choose your pictures!
  • Custom text to add year, name, school, grade etc.
  • 2 high resolution images with print release for personal printing at the printer of your choice and/or use on your blog, website, facebook etc!  JPEG images will be sent by E-mail.




Thursday September 23th and Friday September 24th with appointments

starting at 5:00 p.m. and last appointment 6:20 p.m.  (See schedule below. . .)


The photo shoot will take place at a location near Signal Butte and Elliot in Mesa.



If you would like more portraits in addition to the package, it will be $5 per sheet.

If you would like blemish removal, black and whites, sepia or other editing, it will be $5 per image.

Images printed on  METALLIC PAPER--$5 per image. (“Endura Metallic features a unique pearlescent surface.  Endura offers natural looking flesh tones, sharp details, and beautifully saturated colors. Plus, Endura is strong - resistant to tearing and curling without any additional lamination.  This paper uses a patented combination of film and laminate layers that result in striking, three-dimensional, lasting images on an ultra-bright background.
With this paper don’t worry about prints fading. The standard archival value is 100 years in home display and 200 years in dark storage.” 


Questions? Email me at

Sorry, no sibling discounts.

Cash payment due at beginning of photo session.


school portraits 09 wilson





_MG_4470 maya for ad


broderick mar 09 267-1



_MG_4526 trev for flyer





Fri. Sept 24

5:00 booked rb

5:10 booked sb

5:20 booked mr

5:30 booked s

5:40booked s


6:00  booked LP

6:10  booked CP


Fall Calendar 2010: {mesa, chandler, gilbert, tempe, higley, phoenix, AZ Family photographer} Update

December is full.  Thanks everyone!!!  Booking Jan and Feb dates.  See ya next year!!!!


Now that the dust has settled from the craziness of starting school and figuring out sports schedules, I think I have my calendar ready for YOU to schedule your fall photo session.  It can be for seniors, engagement, birthday, anniversary, pet, family etc. but these are about the only dates I am available so book SOON!


I am excited to introduce you to my new team which consists of me, my new awesome camera, my new Mercedes Lens and a new computer to edit your images on.  We plan on capturing the posed, the candid, the happy, the pouty or whatever emotions pop up during your session.  I love my new team!


Current prices can be found here.




Sat. Sept. 18     5:30 p.m.  booked

Thur. Sept. 23   5-6:30 p.m.    School portraits

Fri. Sept. 24       5-6:30 p.m.    School portraits

Sat. Sept. 25     5:30 p.m.  booked

Sat. Oct. 2          5:00 p.m.  booked

Fri. Oct. 15         8:30 a.m. booked

Sat. Oct. 16       5:00 p.m

Sat. Oct. 23       4:45 p.m.  booked

Fri. Oct. 29       4:30 p.m.  booked

Sat. Oct. 30       4:30 p.m.  booked

Tue. Nov. 2        4:30 p.m. 

Sat. Nov. 6         4:30 p.m. ???

Thur. Nov. 11     4:30 p.m. booked

Fri. Nov. 12         4:30 p.m. booked

Sat. Nov. 13       4:30 p.m.  booked

Thur. Nov. 18     4:15 p.m. booked

Fri. Nov. 19        4:15 p.m. booked

Sat. Nov. 20      4:15 p.m. booked

Tue. Nov. 30     4:15 p.m. booked

Monday, August 16, 2010

Baby E


There is just nothing sweeter and more peaceful than a brand new baby---especially one that is only 7 days new!


This cute baby bump is now




this most adorable little boy!



He is the first child of this beautiful mother



and this handsome father.  They make a great team and are quite the pros at their new job as parents.



He is also the first grandchild of these doting grandparents.  They were so cute with him.




Baby E has the sweetest toes



and can you believe he smiled a couple of times?!  He did it when he was awake!  It was not one of  those sleeping reflex smiles.  I didn't know a baby this young could smile and did it ever melt my heart!!!!!




This was one of the funniest photos of the day.  Whisker wielding Granpa found out how much baby loves hairy kisses. . .but don't worry, naked baby had a few tricks of his own.  Let's just say paybacks were a little messy!



Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Little Pretty


During a much needed rainstorm, I found this little dragon fly drowning in a puddle  while I was on an early morning run.  I love insects of all sorts and enjoyed examining it up close and personal.  It seemed relieved and relaxed to simply adorn my ring finger for the remainder of my puddle splashing, humidity drenched, rain enjoying morn.


It didn't budge all the way home so I decided it would be a great opportunity to take some pics of it.  My little pretty humored me as I tried different backgrounds and settings and it delivered a peaceful performance that made for several images that make my heart sing.  Love them!










Friday, August 6, 2010












Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One hun"dread" and what?!


When Arizona temps get above 100 and up to 117 degrees F, really the only thing to do is get WET.  Unfortunately for me, sweating doesn't count.  I did a lot of watching my kids get wet and left my puddles of energy on the pool decks of many of the pools that dot the city.  Somehow we have survived.















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