Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cute test

This is a test.

gooch reunion b 2009-77 wwm

Do you think this boy is as cute as I do?


Okay, you passed the test now let's see if my new template did.

Update: The test did NOT work and I think I will be crazy.

Updates update:  IT WORKS!!!!!!!!  It must have been the cuteness factor!

Saturday, August 8, 2009




This beautiful family may be leaving this state, but they are NOT leaving our hearts!



These handsome boys may be off to new adventures, but their happy laughter will tickle our memories for many years.

Maybee family 09-145


This amazing couple may never completely understand or reap the blessings of planted seeds left behind, but new friends will enjoy a bountiful friendship that will leave them forever changed.


And, maybe this family will quietly stroll into their new life..... Maybee family 09-92






We are crazy gonna miss you guys.mabee-15


And now a sappy ending---

when life seems like a cactus patch,

Maybee family 09-211


remember there is always a blue sky way up high

Maybee family 09-202


and if you are patient,

a beautiful sunset to share with the one you want to grow old with.




PS Maybe you are not crazy about being my new editing guinea pigs, and that won't hurt my feelings even a little, but never fear, you will also get the originals.


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