Monday, November 30, 2009

E Family 09

_MG_3452 wm

erekson-5-2 wm

erekson-2-6 wm

erekson-7 wm
erekson-8-2 wm

erekson-2-2-2 wm

erekson wm

Saturday, November 28, 2009

PUPDATE: Christmas Boxer Puppies East Mesa, AZ


For those who have been dying to see how the boxer puppies have changed, here you go.  They are so adorable!  They are finally past the "drunk puppy" stage and walking, charging and trying to run.  They growl, wrestle and play and are the source of much entertainment.


Bolt:  Male SOLD!


Kona:  Male SOLD!


Wolverine:  Male SOLD!


 Princess:  Female


 Batman:  Male


 Xena:  Female


Trooper:  Male SOLD!



Winnie:  Female



 Sprocket:  Female SOLD!


Kai:  Female SOLD!


For additional details about prices and contact information,  go to this link:  click here

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A & A Family 2009

  Welch-11 wm

Welch-13 wm
Welch-7-2 wm

 Welch-4-3 wm
 _MG_2797 wm
_MG_2528 wm

I just have to say something about the picture below.  It was the PERFECT moment captured sooooo imperfectly with the shade right on his face.  I almost deleted it, but loved the expression, the curiosity, and the connection. 
Welch 09-5 
So I messed around with it a little bit, or maybe it was a lot.  Yes.  It was a lot.  Now it is still very much not a perfect picture, but it captures the expression, the curiosity and the connection.  Merry Christmas everyone (pretend like it is after Thanksgiving).
Welch-5-2 wm
Welch-5 wm

December Family Portrait Dates going quickly. . . .


So, I decided to actually go ahead and open a few days in the first week of December. 

December dates come in a package deal.  The package is $170 and includes the one hour session, 5 simple edits (bw or sepia conversion), 2 8x10s or 1 11x14 and best of all---ALL the high resolution images from the shoot (except the not-so-great ones, blinkers and such) on a DVD to print where ever you like as many times as you like. 

Hurry, hurry, there are only a few dates left!!!

Available dates:

Tue. December 1st 4:15 p.m. booked

Thurs. December 3rd 4:15 p.m. booked

Fri. December 4th 4:15 p.m. booked

Sat. December 5th 4:15 p.m.booked

Sat. December 12th 4:15 p.m. OPEN--LAST ONE!  Booked

Additional info--

What to wear? What ever is comfortable. Most likely you will have a few shots sitting down, so find something that is comfortable and can be dusted off. Changes of outfits is fine. You can be matchy matchy. Or not. You can wear something that compliments your summer tan. Or not. Hats and sweaters are fun. Or not. Be formal. Or not. Just be you. And be prepared, I just might make you take your shoes off.  I love bare feet!

What not to wear? Crusty nail polish.  Polish remover is cheaper than editing.

What not to chew? Gum.

Any questions?

Email me at with your desired date. We can hammer out the location later, unless you already have something in mind.

Tell me about yourself and your family. Names and ages help me get a feel for your family.

Monday, November 23, 2009

C & S Family 09

_MG_2180 wm 

 _MG_2118 wm

_MG_2144 wm 

_MG_1982 wm 

sara-13-2 wm

_MG_2335 wm _MG_2339 wm

Friday, November 20, 2009

Raffle Winner

This sweet, loving and generous family won a portrait package in a raffle where they donated to a great cause, the CJ & Nolan's Memorial Hike 4 Science CampCJ and Nolan will not be forgotten.
Their goodness doesn't end there.  A few pictures down you will  see the picture with a little poodle.  His name is "FOD".  In aviation, FOD means Foreign Object Damage, e.g., what happens when a jet engine sucks up a rock on the runway or a bird in flight.  FOD was rescued off a taxiway at PHX and adopted by this family.  See what I mean?! Sweet.  Loving.  Generous.  I love being around good people!
 _MG_1564 wm
_MG_1573 wm
_MG_1569 wm

 _MG_1615 wm
_MG_1625 wm
_MG_1641 wm

_MG_1689 wm
 _MG_1685 wm
_MG_1695 wm
_MG_1700 wm

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pets, pets, pets, how I love pets!


_MG_2565 wm

_MG_2571 wm


st wm

alpacas 1-1-09 160 wmalpacas 1-1-09 196 wm

daisy and blaze 034c wm

 utah oct 2008 b 097 wm

_MG_0081 wm

Want me to take pictures

of your pet?



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