Thursday, April 25, 2013

Trevor: class of 2013 {Arizona Senior Photographer}

Behind those brown eyes, dashing smile and handsome face is a really great kid.

And I can still call him a kid because he is not 18 yet. 

And his mom says I can.

And I am not letting him grow up any faster than he is allowed because he is a week older than my oldest daughter and she is not allowed to grow up either. 

Trevor, being the great KID that his is, is one of those boys who is respectful, considerate, hard working, an expert at any sport he tries, generous and has a heart that looks out for those who many ignore. 

His siblings adore him and also tolerate his good natured tormenting. 

They can pay him back by calling him “KID.”  Even after he turns 18.

It was my honor to spend an evening with this really great kid.






Tuesday, April 9, 2013

10 years: Class of 2013 {Arizona Senior Portrait Photography}

For the last ten years I have watched Amy Rose grow up.

I’ve watched her tumble and cheer, dance and sing, smile and laugh.

She has blossomed into a beautiful young lady who is passionate about friends and life.

I adore her parents who teach me about Christ-like love and service.

Keep smiling Amy!



Ha ha, my fav!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Arizona, the Happy Place. {Arizona Family Photographer}

After surviving a winter of history making snowfall, this family left snow boots, snow shovels, snow scrapers, snow plows and snow drifts behind to come to their happy place, Arizona.  And can you blame them?  80 degree daytime temps, no snow, orange trees in full blossom, no snow, unforgettable sunsets, no snow, brilliant green spring grass and did I mention, NO SNOW!

Soon, they will return to the snow, but will have glowing tans, a pocket full of sunshine, warm memories and beautiful images to help them survive the rest of their Saskatchewan winter.



Marissa: Class of 2013 {Arizona Senior Portrait Photographer}


She is graduating and moving to Texas!  Aren’t they lucky!

Besides being a stunningly beautiful young lady, she is also


an amazing swimmer

a leader in student council

a great student

a loyal friend

quick to smile

and soooo many more things--

but one in particular.

She gives the best hugs ever!

She squeezed me like an empty tube of toothpaste.

And that folks, is the best paycheck EVER!




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