Saturday, April 25, 2009

What I Know


I have gotten to know this amazing senior over the past year.

I know she is beautiful.Marissa 159


I know she has flawless, bespeckled alabaster skin.Marissa 074


I know that she is funny and smart and creative and patient and spunky and dramatic (not as in a drama queen but as in a great actress) and kind  and many, many other things.

2009-04-23 Marissa


What I DID NOT know




is that she has the cutest little hidden dimple!!!


Marissa 040


I got to see it twice.Marissa 120

That is the best part about friendship--the getting to know you process is a life long journey.  There are always amazing little gifts just waiting to be shared and discovered.

One last thing I know. 

I know Marissa has a wonderful future a head.

Love ya girl!

Go class of 2009!!!!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009


 What every little 2 year old  boy needs:

1. A warning sign

little bill 2 year old pics 134-1

2.  A killer set of boylashes

little bill 2 year old pics 149

3.  Someone to watch his back because that is what you will see a lot of. . . 

little bill turns 2!-3


4.   Some crackers to go with his cheese. . .

little bill 2 year old pics 148-1


5.  And a Mom that can make him smile like this!


Thursday, April 2, 2009



2009 spring garden and tramp static


Starred Photos6


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