Thursday, May 6, 2010

Celebrating Mothers Photo Shoot Giveaway


Because I love being a mother, because I have a great mother, because I know many great mothers and mother figures and because mothers are just so dang amazing, I am having a


photo shoot give away!

Here are the rules and details (because I am a mother and a mother's life is ruled by rules and details).


1)  Must be used by May 29th, 2010--before the dragon's breath heat wave is upon us--or by the end of October when the dragon returns to his lair.

2)  Can be for a single person, a couple, children, single family, graduating senior, or pet.

3)  The one hour photo shoot includes disc with 20 high resolution images of your choosing.

How to win:  Simply go to my Face book fan page and under "suggest to friends"  (on the left side under profile pic) tell all of your friends to "like" my page--'cause everyone loves to be liked! 

Make sure the new fans post a comment stating who sent them my way.  They also need to tell me one thing they love about their mother. 

Another good way to send people my way is to post a comment on your personal page with a link to my fan page.

Who ever sends the most fans over by midnight on Wednesday, May 12th, wins! 







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