Thursday, June 13, 2013

Family Time in Paradise


Having lived in the desert for the last decade gives me a whole new appreciation for the paradise known as Hawaii. 

My reverence for a loving Heavenly Creator is magnified each time I visit and I so worry that I will forget all the little details.

I post these images not to brag but to share with you the beauty that I saw and to remind. 

To remind me of

vivid green foliage

strong mountain ranges

fragrant blossoms

sounds of salty waves hitting the shore

balmy breezes rustling the rainforest canopy

confident roosters crowing

tropical fruit awaiting harvest

sunrises, sunsets and silhouettes

quick crabs hiding and seeking

the sharing of food, kindness and culture

kindling and rekindling friendships

sacred places and special moments

handing down the stories of our family beginnings

and so many more things I don’t want to forget.

Hope you don’t mind the oversharing.


(PS from a technical viewpoint, I must gush about how amazing the iPhone 4s camera is.  Many of these are taken with it.  If you follow my instagram, you will know which ones and a few are obvious, but good luck figuring which are iPhone and which are my Canon 40D. I also loved having a waterproof case for the water pics.  The ocean was a whole new canvas!)






(Actually taken by my hubby. My jealousy is finally subsiding.)






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