Thursday, January 24, 2013



I have been Kate’s birthday photographer for 5 years now.

Her parents have been hiring me since before I even knew how to use my camera and that trust is what kept me going!

Kate’s January birthday comes at such a perfect time. 

The holiday memories are still fresh. 

Kids are back in school. 

Neglected dental, doctor and hair appointments have been made.

I have organized a little.

I have cleaned a lot. 

My camera has mostly been sitting like a patient puppy, waiting for its chance to make me smile. 

And then I get the call to make the appointment for Kate’s b-day photo shoot.

The weather has always been perfect.

She looks the same.

She looks different.

Blue eyes.

Blond hair.

We have the cutest conversations that have me wildly laughing inside.

My smile might be giving me away and I have created a smile inducing monster!

rhodes and eyes 555-1

Age 1



Age 2



Age 3



Age 4



And this year is the big ol’ one handed, high five’n, 5th birthday!


And now you know why I love this little girl and her special January birthday.

(Still smiling!)


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