Monday, August 20, 2012

A New Puppy Love {Utah Arizona Golden Retriever Pet Photographer}

Lily has found a spot on the porch and in the hearts of a family in Central Utah.  She has big paws to fill.




Anna Belle, pictured below, was the perfect farm dog.  She was friendly, calm, protective, active and always wanted to be in the middle of things.  She was extremely intelligent and was a pro at catching the dreaded gophers that threaten the sprawling lawn and luscious garden.  Anna Belle was free to run through the fields and neighboring farms but always came to meet the children when they got off the bus.  She patiently waited for the family to return home and greeted them at the edge of the driveway.  She had a penchant for chasing cars and had a close call after being hit by one.  The end of her furry tail took the brunt of that hit and it was thankfully the only casualty that day.




Her best friend, besides the children, was Chubby, the big black mutt that looks very much like a grizzly bear but is as calm as a spring lamb. They were partners in fun.  He lived next door, but he may as well have lived at Anna Belle’s home.  They raced thru the fields daily.  If he found a stray deer bone, he brought it over to share.  In true country dog style, he fathered her one and only batch of grizzly retriever pups.


Her end is one of those sad stories that makes me cry so I will be brief and quick.

Kids were on the other side of the tracks.  Anna and Chubby were playing at the top of the field.  The train came and separated them.  Anna Belle tried to get to the kids.  The end was quick as the kids watched from the other side.  She was clean and looked fine other than she wasn’t breathing right once they got to her after the train passed.  She died in the arms of the family that loved her so much.  Her trusted companion stayed by her body thru the night until morning light allowed the grave to be prepared.  Chubby grieved along side the family as she was buried.  He doesn’t come around much any more.


And now Lily is joining the family.  She is different. Cute but mischievous.  Annoying at times.  Finding her place on the farm and in the family.


And from those beautiful, soulful eyes, I am guessing it won’t take long at all.



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