Saturday, July 7, 2012

Of snakes, guitars, singing and Pianos {Arizona Senior Photographer}



I spend my life trying to avoid snakes. 

This recent High School graduate spends his life trying to find and photograph them.

Jeffrey calls it “herping” and I want to call it crazy. 

In our discussions we decided that when he buys his next lens that it is probably best for him NOT to buy a NON zoom lens.  I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say, the longer the zoom the better!   I must also say, that I have never felt more safe in the summer desert than when I was with him.

Thankfully he is still my friend even after I admitted to him that I purposefully ran over (several times) what I thought was a black coiled snake but turned out to be an already very dead cell phone charging cord.

Here is his blog where he records his finds

Besides being a reptile lover, he loves music.  The guitar in this session is just one of 9.  I think he is going to have music where ever he goes!




Jeffrey shared a session with his good friend, Alexa Dyan.  (If you are interested, ask me about a shared session, it is a bit cheaper.)

She has a quiet soft smile and a quiet soft voice but behind all that quiet beauty is a very talented musician, seamstress and a girl who loves children.

Her instruments of choice?  Her voice, piano and guitar.  If your children need piano lessons, I can hook you up with her number!

Alexa Dyan, you are AWESOME!



Thanks Jeffery and Alex Dyan for cool and awesome photo shoot in the heat of the Arizona desert.

I would also like to thank the snakes from hiding from Jeffrey during the photo shoot!


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