Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pioneer Trek 2011


On this 3 day trip up into the mountains of Forest Lakes, Arizona for a pioneer experience for our youth, I learned many things.


I learned that Pioneers sacrificed so much for the future generations that they would never meet.

I learned that three days was barely enough time to give me a taste of those sacrifices.

I learned that THIS generation would make THAT generation proud.

I learned that cold nights and warm days are refreshing for the soul.

I learned that people,  adult people and kid people, are good and kind and strong and generous.

I learned that beauty does not begin with mascara, make-up and a flat iron.  Beauty begins with a warm smile and charitable hands.

I learned that a crumb cake can taste like manna from Heaven.

I learned that miracles still happen today.

I learned that I have a loving Heavenly Father who answers a mother’s prayer.

I learned that I need my Savior more than ever.

I learned that we CAN do hard things.

I learned that the noise of 40 wagon wheels crushing small stones to dust is a sound more beautiful than any song because it is the sound of growing testimonies in the silent heart.























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