Sunday, June 26, 2011

Buddy and Ginger, Furry Angels {Pet photographer: Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Higley, Gold Canyon, Scottsdale, Tempe}

I believe that pets can be God’s answers to prayers.  They are like little angels that come into our lives at just the right time, bringing stability, companionship, loyalty, joy and and sometimes tears.  They become literal members of our families.  They are sometimes a listening ear, a hairy shoulder or just a silent shadow that chases away lonely moments.  I know two furry angels that have changed the lives of a little family of four, forever.


Buddy is a special little Shitzu/Pom angel that has been part of his wonderful family for almost 15 years.  He has been loved and pampered and doted on and in return he has been a loyal and trusted companion and family member to mom and dad, two human brothers and a dog sister, Ginger.  Buddy is in his twilight years but you can still see why his mama fell in love with his sweet puppy face. 


He knows how to do several tricks and one of them is singing/begging/talking.  I could swear I knew exactly what he was saying.  It went something like this (Imagine an opera voice), “I am sitting here so nicely, like you asked.  Watch me jump.   I jump so well.  I need that treat.  I earned my treat.   GIVE me my treat.”

Oh you sweet little guy, please be my buddy forever!


Ginger, like her name, is a little bit of sassy and a whole lot of spice.  When her forever family came to choose a pup from the litter of 8, a boy from her first family hid her in his closet hoping he could keep her for himself.  Once he saw what a great family they are, he told them to wait and he sweetly and generously brought her out and offered her to them.  They fell in love with the little ginger colored angel and the rest is history. 

Ginger is super smart.  You have heard of dogs fetching the newspaper, right?  Me too. 

I had heard of it but never seen it in action until I saw Ginger go and retrieve the paper from the driveway and dutifully take it in the house.  I have heard she sometimes is too helpful and takes care of a few other papers on the street.  She is also in tune with the moods of everyone in the house and seems to know just how to bring a peaceful balance.  She especially seems to bring back some of Buddy’s youth, whether Buddy likes it OR NOT!


Pets—> Angels—> Answered prayers—> Amen!


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