Saturday, April 2, 2011

Like Butter. {Mesa, Higley, Chandler, Gilbert, Gold Canyon, Arizona Senior Photographer}


I love butter.  I like it on stuff,

between stuff

and in stuff.


I especially like it toasted on med high heat in my cast iron skillet right before I crack fresh eggs from my backyard. 



I think you get the idea. 

I LIKE butter. 

Now what does that have to do with these pictures?


I went to a comic relief program put on by a local high school, and this girl was in  several skits, but her best performance  was in a  parody of Paula Dean’s cooking style in which Paula, who is more obsessed than I,  “adds just a little more budder.”   For those of you who know me, know that I am kind of stoic and it takes a lot to get me laughing.  I don’t typically LOL very often.  But this girl made me Laugh OUT Loud!  I even approached her as she was surrounded by her adoring fans after the show was over to tell her what a great job she had done but then felt like a dumb creeper and left without saying anything.


A few days later I got an inquiry for senior pics and my girls’ recognized her name and said this was the girl who made me LOL.


K.  The world of butter lovers is small in a huge way.


And now a little more about the girl who made me laugh.  Her name is Abby.   She is beautiful and sweet and talented and smart and on her way to big things.  She is a southern belle blossoming in the desert.  I know where she gets much of it from too.  Her mom.  Wish I could have shrunk them both and brought them home in my pocket.  Think of all the butter fun we could have!  They are now my new BFFs.  Butter friends forever!


Can I just say one more thing about butter before I leave you to drool over these amazing pics?  There is a photography technique where the background is out of focus and the subject is in focus.  Photographers call this the butter effect and has nothing to do with food.  Can you see why?




Butter.  Almost toasted on med high heat.


100 degree heat.  And she didn’t even break a sweat!




Butter.  Help me now!  I really must stop talking about butter.







THANK YOU Abby for making me LOL and for lots and lots of butter!  xoxoxo


Hmm.   I hungry.


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