Thursday, January 13, 2011

Labor of Love



If you don’t mind me getting a little personal, this is the big project I have been laboring over for a long, long time. 

It took my sister less time to conceive, grow and deliver this perfect little guy than it did for me to make this very imperfect video. 

She is experienced though.

This was HER number five.

This was MY number one.  Is that a good excuse?



Dallin from s foliaki on Vimeo.


Here is the story of the story.

We are a large family.  8 daughters, 3 sons who, with their spouses have generated 48 grandchildren.  Getting us all together is like the aligning of the planets.   Late last year my twin sis, who lives the farthest away, said she wanted to be home for the holidays (she hadn’t been home at Thanksgiving/Christmas for over 20 years), and as many of us that could, migrated home.  She is the matriarch of all the sisters.  She has the power.

Cue my sister Sharon who was pregnant but not due quite yet.  She patiently humored our suggestions that she could go ahead and deliver while so many of us were there, BUT, she would have to wait until AFTER the big dinner.

I am not sure if it was the famous family cabbage casserole, the change in pressure in Susie’s home from all the sweating bodies, or the laughter from playing games, but by golly, she went into labor AFTER dinner and delivered by 3 a.m.!!!!


I know I am being a little jokey and silly, but let me see if I can do justice to this amazing event. 


To be in the room with so much love, with those sisters who I grew up with, played house with, dreamed of this type of amazing moment with,

to share this moment with our brother-in-law who is her perfect companion,

to remember the births of my children

and to see the cycle of life as our mother witnessed another of her grandchildren enter this world is almost too difficult to put into words.


Bonds of love were strengthened.

Life was savored, celebrated and renewed.

A new baby has a welcoming team of 4 big brothers.

And we give honor to a loving Heavenly Father from whom all blessings flow.


It was unforgettable and I thank them for this gift.  Love you guys.


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