Thursday, June 3, 2010

Two, Four, Six, Eight. . .

I think this family is really great!

This photo shoot is the product of 1 hour, 2 parents, 6 children  and 24 years of friendship.

I never dreamed that 24 years ago when I met this darling girl



who married this handsome guy_-17flipwm



that I would be staring down my lens at their beautiful family and enjoying the great honor or photographing their wonderful family.




This spot is for their oldest son who is serving a religious mission in Mexico. 




Handsome son number two joined the class of 2010 and graduated just days before the shoot.  He has a bright future with endless possibilities. 




This sweetie is every mothers' dream daughter.  I wonder if she gives lessons?




This guy knows what he wants and is a great helper.  I know he is a great friend._-9 


This beauty has an angel's voice and the sweetest hugs.  And how about that teeny tiny dimple?!_-6wm


This sparkling eyed boy is busy and cheerful.  I think he is the entertainer in the family.  Am I right?



And the dear sweet baby of the family has the most endearing smile and quietest voice.  He very much made me miss my 6 year old baby.



Thank you for a wonderful night and many new memories to add to all the old ones!



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