Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Incredible Shrinking Man


Do you want to know why this guy is smiling?  He has over a hundred reasons!


Meet Chuck.  He is a man who has been in my Spin Cycling class at the gym for well over a year.  Maybe more.  Maybe less.  I don't know (some times I feel like I was born at the gym) but I do know he always sits in the same spot next to the door.  I know that he is punctual and consistent.  I know that is he friendly and a source of inspiration.

I also know that when I first saw him in class he looked very different than he does now.  At first I didn't really notice the weight loss, but then it just seemed every time I saw him, he was getting smaller and smaller, hence the post title.

Recently he quietly announced he had hit the 100 mark.  Yes, that is right, 100 lbs gone!  Not lost.  I hate that term, lost.  He didn't lose the pounds, he worked HARD to get rid of them.  If anything he GAINED.  He gained better health, more energy, a drive to help others and really a whole new life.

Congratulations Chuck!  See ya at the gym.










Here is his college ring that finally fits again.  Well, kinda.  He has to put tape around it to keep it on!

chuck lafferty1


The amazing before and after.  Wow.

Chuck Laffertyb


If you would like more information, Chuck can be reached at:



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