Sunday, December 13, 2009

PUPDATE: Christmas Boxer Puppies East Mesa, AZ 2009


All the puppies are sold.  Thanks.  Enjoy your new puppies!


Pupdate Update: ONLY 2 PUPPIES LEFT!!!!!! TWO flashy females--Winnie and Xena. Hurry, Hurry!


For those who have been dying to see how the boxer puppies have changed, here you go. They are so adorable! They are finally past the "drunk puppy" stage and walking, charging and trying to run. They growl, wrestle and play and are the source of much entertainment.


Bolt: Male SOLD!


Kona: Male SOLD!


Wolverine: Male SOLD!


Princess: Female SOLD!


Batman: Male SOLD!


Xena: Female SOLD!


Trooper: Male SOLD!


Winnie: Female SOLD!


Sprocket: Female SOLD!


Kai: Female SOLD!

For additional details about prices and contact information, go to this link: click here


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