Friday, October 24, 2008

What's New?

Here is my first try at toddler pictures and what a treat! Who wouldn't want to capture this fiery little red head and take her right home? You would never be able to guess that she stepped out of the car and took five steps on the pavers, tripped and smashed her little face into the ground, right? Good thing the botox look is really in right now.

lucy and hudson 08 113-1

lucy and hudson 08 187

lucy and hudson 08 234-1

lucy and hudson 08 195-1

lucy and hudson 08 189-1

lucy and hudson 08 074-1

lucy and hudson 08 136-1

lucy and hudson 08 075-1

lucy and hudson 08 063


And did I mention, she has a darling big brother?

lucy and hudson 08 097

lucy and hudson boyle 10081

**Special thanks to Grandma for letting us use her amazing house for our shoot and to all the aunts and cousins who helped entertain these cute kids.

**And my heartfelt apologies to this prop, for I was unable to utilized it in the gig.

lucy and hudson 08 282lucy and hudson 08 286


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