Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I love FACES!

This great lady just found the best website for budding and professional photographers. It is called i Heart Faces. Not only do they have photo taking tips, Q & A's, and guest writers, but they have tons of FACES. Anyone who knows me, knows I love FACES. These faces are submitted as contest entries and then judged each week.

This weeks theme is "No Flash". I will never forget the day I was challenged to "keep a lid on the flash." My short photography life has never been the same.

Here is my child's entry.

Isn't she a darling? I hope she never touches mascara.

This photo was taken out on my back porch on an early spring morning.


Next is my adult entry.

This is the natural light of my life--my hubby. No flash or glitz or glam necessary.

The light was streaming down from a stained glass window in the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. He was waiting for me and had no idea I was quite a ways away, holding my breath and trying to capture this thoughtful moment.

His thoughtful moment?

"This purse is SO heavy."

Do you think he will mind if I shared that?! After all, he is holding my purse in such a manly way.

London 2009 Paris Notre Dame 138-2


Now, go on over and submit your entries. . .you know you want to!


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