Wednesday, December 3, 2008

same cook, same look, new name

My photog blog has a new name!  It is. . .drum roll please. . . .


Head First Photo!  


  • Reason #1  Because I mostly take pictures of heads. 

Sometimes I take pictures of feet,

reynolds 186 reeves, colburn 195 mya 169mya 215mya 209

but mostly I take pictures of cute, sweet, adorable, precious heads!


  • Reason #2 That exact name was not taken that I know of in my very extensive 15 minute search.


  • Reason #3  I am making a REAL website, and I have a REAL domain name and I have a REAL web master (that's you Dan).  Look for it to be revealed sometime next year if I can figure out what I am doing.


  • Reason #4  'Cause when I got my sweet camera for my birthday in Sept., I had not even thought of taking pictures of anyone besides my family, dog and turtles.
  • Somehow I jumped "head first" into a world I never dreamed I'd be in.  Thank you all for your support and encouragement.


  • Reason #5 I have a form.  I made it myself.  If you have an upcoming shoot, you will see it.


And that is about it.


If you are looking for the previous photo shoot posts, they are still at  .


Thanks for stopping by.


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