Friday, December 10, 2010

Ho Ho Ho! Digital Frame Giveaway!!!



How many gigs of vacation, family, reunion, holidays, bdays do you think you have on your computer?  Do you have guilt every time you upload pictures and they just sit there not being processed for you to see and hold and share?  Do you fear clearing your memory card incase your computer dies and erases irreplaceable memories? 


I am right there with ya.  Sometimes I am a good girl and do something with my images.  Here are just a few things I have done:


Mug for Grandma that looks black until you pour a hot beverage in it and then the photos show up.  Try explaining how it works to a 73 year old who grew up in the islands.  We jokingly just call it black magic.


digital frame giveaway-1




Calendar for hubby that he hung in his office.  Loved it!






Church tote for daughter.  No one has ever tried to steal it.  Maybe because it is dirty.




Photo books.  I have done several but one of the favorites had a vacation theme with a collection of several years of vacation images.  I made sure to order a copy for each child that they can take with them when they leave home.  Which, I hope, is never.


_MG_9552-1 _MG_9554-1


A gift of Thank You cards for friend after a baby session.  No picture.  Sorry, it was a gift.



And I am hoping to do some gallery wraps this coming year.  Just.  Can’t. Decide.  Which.  Ones.


But the best thing that I have done with my jpegs was not planned.  It happened when I got a gift I didn’t know I wanted.  It was a digital frame from my hubby for Christmas 2 years ago before I was full throttle into photography.  I thought it was kinda silly and not a REAL way to display photos. . .until I used it.  WOW!    I am now a believer.  A fan for life!   It is best way to save wall space (I would need a mansion to display all my favs on the wall) and on developing fees (like free, can’t beat that!)  I feel so much less guilt having so many more of the jpegs viewable.  Hip hip hooray for less jpeg guilt!



 _MG_9574-1 _MG_9572-1

Watching the images change is always better than what is on t.v.!!



So, to share in this season of giving and so that one lucky winner will can enjoy this thing I love, I am giving away a digital photo frame!!!!


_MG_9564-1 _MG_9567-1

Here is the photo frame description:

The GiiNii 7" all-in-one digital photo frame lets you play and organize photos into custom-made albums without a PC. Play photos straight from your memory card via the six-in-one card reader or the unit's USB port. Plus, this GiiNii digital photo frame is Energy Star qualified, and the Ener-GiiNii feature allows you to program energy-saving settings. Plus, every GiiNii digital picture frame comes ready to use with a National Heritage photo collection preinstalled.

GiiNii 7" Digital Photo Frame:

  • 7" LCD display
  • Play photos straight from your memory card via the 6-in-1 card reader or USB port
  • Simple, intuitive design includes two operating buttons and a scroll wheel
  • Switch between clock and slide shows with 1 click
  • Energy Star qualified
  • Ener-GiiNii enables you to program energy-saving settings
  • Comes preloaded with National Heritage photo collection

To enter the Giveaway:

1-  Tell me what your favorite thing is that you have done with a photo lately.

2-  “Like” me on Facebook.   It makes me feel special.   If you liked me already just tell me in a comment.  P.S. I like you too!

3-  “Share” this blog post on Facebook.  Isn’t sharing so nice?  Make sure to tell me you shared.  Here is the link you can copy and paste:

4-  Tweet about it.  And then tell me that you did.


This gives you 4 chances to win the digital frame.  You can leave me a comment on Facebook and tell me how many of the four things you have done and each one will count as an entry.  The winner will be chosen on Fri. December 17 at midnight and announced on Sat morning.









JerBear & Co. said...

I guess I will be the first to comment, I already Like you, in fact I love you. I wish they had a love button. I will definitely share your photo fb page.

Bonnie said...

I have ALWAYS wanted one of these. I am going for it!

Some of my favorite things to do with pictures is modge podge them just about anywhere!

Bonnie said...

I of course already love your facebook page!

Bonnie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lonna @ All About Mesa AZ said...

Shauna, I already "like" you very much! I will also tweet and Facebook your give-away! :) Lonna @

Here at home said...

Sweet. Pick me. Pick me. I'm pretty sure I've liked your FB for a long time, now.

Here at home said...

I'm not really good about doing stuff with my pictures. My favorite thing to do with them is post them on my blog, and when I win that digital frame, it will be putting them on that.

Bonnie said...

I facebooked your giveaway. I would Twitter it too if I had Twitter, but this will have to do.

AZ Karen said...

I commented on your fb page when this wasn't working the other day, but I did 3 of the 4 things. That's 3 entries for me, baby!

Janette Reeves said...

1.) Fave thing done recently with a photo was actually ordering an 8x12 print of it & mailing it directly Grandma & Grandpa! You see, my 14 year daughter took this amazing photo of my 5 year old & her Grandpa's feet while playing chinese checkers on an antique table that Grandpa made. The photo is priceless, so I had it printed & sent to him so that he can hang it on the wall to display! :o)

2.) I like you on Facebook!

3.) I am posting your link on FB.

4.) :o) I guess I am going to have to create an account just so that my chances to win are that much better! That is how dedicated I am! :o) My very first tweet ever was about your give away.

Monica Park said...

1.) Favorite thing I have done with photos (and last years Christmas cards) is cut out favorite cards...added favorite photos from that year, and laminated them to a placemat for the kids to use! Cute, great gifts, and lasting memories for ALL!!!

2.)I have already liked you on FB. (Would hit the love button too if they had one)

3.) Posted link on FB

Would love to have a digital photo frame, but even if someone just wants the idea....ENJOY!!!!

Manda Leona Terrell said...

My favorite thing that I have done with photo's recently is to create Christmas decorations from them.

I just love photos and everything that can be created from them!

I will like you on facebook right away. :)

picture framing said...

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