Tuesday, October 26, 2010


What a great theme this week at the I Heart Faces photo assignment.  It is to help bring awareness to Breast Cancer and the theme is pink to go along with it.  I wasn’t going to enter this contest.  Then on Friday night I had this awesome photo shoot with a beautiful family and they had a little pink going on.  I got some very sweet images and decided on a two different ones.  Then I asked the mom for permission to post in this assignment and she was happy to give the go ahead and then said this, “We lost Brett’s mom to breast cancer many years ago and its a cause very near and dear to our hearts.”


It was then I knew which picture to choose.


Here is Brett and Brooklyn Joy, son and granddaughter of Cindy Joy. 



Shoot, I think I am gonna go cry now.


This post is dedicated in memory of Cindy Joy and the others who have passed because of this terrible disease.  It is also to honor those who continue to fight.  And finally, it is a reminder to men and women to check yourselves regularly and get a mammogram. 




Michelle Claire said...

What a beautiful picture!

Tamar SB said...

What an amazing picture!


Susie's Heart said...

Love this photo! Love her smile, and the little nut she just grasped!

Carrie Hanna said...

great expression!!

Tea with Tiffany said...

Love this shot!

My Photographic Eye by Irela said...

Great capture. :)

Ginger@When Ginger snaps... said...

Love the photo and the story. Very inspiring.

Jennifer said...


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