Monday, October 12, 2009

Oh Boy!



Oh boy did I have fun with these boys!





I think Dad had a little fun too!   zima- wm 4-2


Mommy is a little outnumbered but doesn't seem to mind a bit.



Bonus for the family pics--the Grandparents. We just couldn't have done the Grandma Grandpa Sandwich without them.  I love Grandparents almost as much as fun little boys!



And then, to top off all the fun, we were gifted the most amazing sunset that helped us capture these stunners.


The above picture is my favorite.



Or maybe it was this one.



NO, I think it was this one.



Aw, this is so sweet.  It really has to be this one.



My goodness, I just can't decide.  Could you?


Devri said...

You take the best photos girl.. yeah, they are our friends. very sad.. We are planning if we get enough people to donate to it, we are giving them some gifts for Christmas too, but I am having a hard time anyone giving. Oh well right...:D

Capturing Sunshine said...

Are you kidding? There is no decision to make. The best one is clearly number 1...or wait, it might be, 3...hmmmm....Yeah, nope! Can't decide. They are all fabulous. What is your secret to such a sharp silhouette? J'adore!

Iditadad said...

Incredible poetry in motion. WoW

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