Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Portraits 2013 Part 3 {Arizona Children’s Photographer}

This is why I LOVE my job!!!!!





Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Portraits 2013 Part 2


This is why I LOVE my job!!!



Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Celebrating Stuff {Arizona Family Photographer}


Having a dad arrange a photo-shoot with me is a first.

I must say he did a great job picking out the Easter dresses and getting everyone looking sharp.

It was a beautiful day to capture memories of them celebrating Easter, a 6th birthday and being together.

It simply couldn’t have been a better night to celebrate the stuff of life. 


What a typical big brother move—photo bomb the tender sweet sister and daddy moments!  I am sure they will generously pay him back someday.




Happy birthday big boy!!!


Monday, March 25, 2013

Early One Spring Morning {Arizona Family Photographer—Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Gold Canyon, East Valley}

Families with grown children and grandchildren have a unique set of conditions to meet in order to pull off a photo shoot. 

It is something similar to the aligning of the planets!

The pretty young lady in yellow and her family made many sacrifices in order to put this special early morning photo shoot together which included being on the road at 5:30 a.m. to travel an hour to this location.

The sacrifices paid off!

What a beautiful, priceless morning I got to spend with these lovely people.




And these moments?  Be still my heart.  I can’t stop thinking about this and laughing my head off!  LOL!


Thanks Nancy and co. for letting me be your photographer.

Prices and fine print

The Regular



  • 1 hour session at a location of your choice
  • Post processing of images
  • 20 high-resolution jpeg digital negatives on disc with permission to print
  • Access to a web album to view images

Note: There is a $100 non-refundable scheduling deposit. It will be deducted from the price of the photo shoot. It will cover one rescheduling occurrence, which if it occurs between Oct-Dec, may have to be postponed until after the new year as my dates are usually all booked during those months. Once I receive payment I will lock in your date.

Remainder of payment is due at time of session.  Cash, check, Paypal and Venmo accepted.


So, what can we do with a “Regular” Session?!

Babies and Birthdays:

I am no longer doing newborn sessions but I am definitely still doing babies once they can lay on their tummies and lift their head or can sit up.  First birthdays are especially fun!



Children may have changes of clothes as long as they are happy and willing!  Though, pouty grouchy faces are quite endearing as well.

Graduating Seniors :

We can do up to 2 locations if they are near each other. Multiple changes of clothes, jewelry, sports stuff etc. ok!


Changes of clothes or accessories are great (but be aware, depending on location, your changing room might be your car or the bushes!). If you wish, bring props or items that might express who you are or if a place like an ice cream shop is who you are, let’s go there!



This is for immediate family only, but could include Grandparents.  Please add $15 extra per person if your group is larger than 6 people.


"Pet only" sessions can be done outdoors or in your home—or both.  If pets are added to any session, add $15 per pet. Please bring a person or means to occupy them when they are not in the shoot.

**More information about the REGULAR Session below


Other types of sessions

School and Sport Portraits

These mini mini portrait sessions are seasonal in Spring and Fall.  Watch for them to be announced on my Facebook page as well as on this site. They are generally $20 for a 5-10 minute session per child or individual with 4 high resolution digital images and taken at a predetermined location in the vicinity of Signal Butte and Warner in Mesa. These are transmitted electronically via Google Drive or Drop Box. A disc with the images can be purchased for $5 and will be available for pick up from my home. 

Head Shots:

Great for professional, social and personal needs.  $45 mini session includes a 10-15 min out door photo shoot, several poses, private online album, your choice of 3 high resolution images sent by email or downloaded electronically, and print permission to develop where you choose.  This is offered year round.


Mini sessions:

These mini sessions are seasonal in Spring and Fall.  They are generally 30 minutes for $175 and come with 10 high resolution digital negatives that are sent via Google Drive or Drop Box.  They are at a predetermined location in the Scottsdale Civic Center unless otherwise advertised.  If this is used as a family session, priority for family shots is given over individual shots.  This session could also be used for graduating senior, pet, engagement, birthday etc. Watch for them to be announced on my Facebook page as well as on this site.  Please add $15 extra per person if your group is larger than 6 people.

  **More information about the REGULAR Session

****More information pertaining to all types of sessions


More photos from the session are often available at a cost of $5 per high-resolution digital negative or $50 for the edited images in the web album on a flash drive.


**Location:  If you look on the bottom of this page, you will see a label column on the left hand side.  These are a sample of some of the locations I have done photo shoots at.   Some locations charge a fee.   If you know of or have connections with another location or even a place that is special to you, let’s CHAT!  Don’t forget your home.  If you have great light in your home, a familiar place can produce some very relaxed and memorable images.  Lifestyle sessions are amazing.

Travel fees apply if location is outside of Mesa/Chandler/Gilbert.  Contact me for details.


****Props. Yes, yes and yes! Skateboards, sports equipment, toy, balloons, giant sucker, motorcycle, old car, ice cream cone, cool couch or chair are all OK to bring. Let me know a head of time so I can get my brain going.


****What to wear: Wear what is comfortable! If that means t-shirts, jeans and flip flops then do it. I do, however, have a few recommendations and don'ts. My camera loves color. If you really want to all wear white or black, throw in some color with accessories. Don’t be afraid of plaids and stripes. Layers are a great way of adding style, color and quick wardrobe changes. We most likely will be up and down on the ground, so keep that in mind.

Now, for a few don’ts—please don’t wear items with large logos or wording. It can be distracting. Ladies and little girls, please don’t ignore your fingernails. Chipped polish can be distracting and very time consuming to edit out. Everyone, please NO gum chewing. I know I sound like a teacher, but I don’t care how talented you think you are, you simply can’t hide it for long!


**The Session:

Typically, the full session lasts 60 minutes. If you would like silhouette shots, let me know so we can make the necessary arrangements.

Outdoor sessions generally take place around sunrise or the “golden” hour before sunset.

I do not expect perfectly behaved children and overly talkative teenagers.  I do expect you to breathe.  All the hard work of deciding location,  wardrobe and eye shadow shade is done. 

I do not expect everyone to look and smile at the camera every shot.  Is that real life?  Or is there a little teasing, tickling or a tantrum now and then?  Relax and enjoy each other, it really comes thru.  For realz!

Don’t be afraid to give me your ideas and also don’t be afraid if  wonderful moments just “happen.”

And then you go out for ice cream, ‘cause everyone knows a great night ends with ice cream.


****After the session:

After the session, while you are out eating ice cream, I retreat to my digital darkroom and work some magic.  I LOVE this part and I spend a lot of time in post-processing to make your beautiful images even better.  I usually wear a giant smile as I go thru the images and find the jewels--the jewels that show personality and character. 

My color images are bright and vivid and my black and whites and sepias are emotional and moody.  I am guessing that if you are here, you are aware of my style and like it.

Within a few days of the shoot, a sneak peek will be published on this photo blog and on Face Book. If you DO NOT want your names published, please let me know.

As a matter of courtesy, please use the link to this site or Head First Photo By Shauna Face Book page to share sneak peek images until you have received your disc. The website images and FB images are much sharper than the web album images that you will be viewing.  Web album images especially are very low resolution and don't provide clear and sharp pictures.

You will be able to review the images on a secure web album where you can select the number of jpeg images that come with your session.  Several of the images will have been selected for black and white, sepia, or other editing.   There is no extra charge for those.

Once you have selected the your high resolution jpeg images, they will be burned onto a CD/DVD (usually takes 1-2 weeks)  and will be available for pick up or mailed to you.  I am also trying services that provide electronic downloading of the high resolution images.  You have "print permission" to develop the images at the printer of your choosing.

The images will stay in the web album for 15 days after I send you the invitation to view them.


****The Digital Negatives:

Computer screens are not created equally. For example, the images I edit on my computer look great and print great, but, if I look at them on our old computer screen, there is a drastic difference. Bleck. I hope your screen is not bleck. This is the risk I take when I sell the digital negatives instead of  having clients  order prints thru me. Just know that I trust my new screen and hope that you will be satisfied with the final images you receive from the printer of your choice. If you have an issue with how they look, please let me know immediately.

Just as computer screens are not created equally, neither are printing companies. At this time, my favorite printers are Mpix and Costco. Mpix is a professional lab with very reasonable prices.  Costco is convenient and have great quality at a great price. My personal plea?  Please do not develop at Walgreens, Wal-Mart, CVS etc. Their printing capabilities will not be able to capture the quality that is contained in the digital negatives.

If you are ordering prints over the internet, make sure to upload the images to the printer in the FULL RESOLUTION option. You may get a resolution warning if you have not done this.

Besides necessary cropping, DO NOT EDIT any of the digital images. If you really need something edited, just ask me and I will do it for free for reasonable requests.

****Developing & Cropping:

Be aware when choosing photos to be printed that it is VERY IMPORTANT to check the cropping feature.

ALWAYS check to see that you like how the photo will be cropped or you may end up with important stuff chopped off! (Sizes least affected by cropping--3.5x5, minis, wallets, 4x6, 5x7, 6x9, 8x12, 12x18, 16x24. Sizes most affected by cropping 8x10, 8.5x11, 16x20)

Personally, the 8x12s are one of my favorite when I don’t want to lose part of the image due to cropping. You might have to look a little harder, but there are 8x12 frames out there and they are totally worth it!!


****Other stuff. Like details:

You DO NOT have permission to make other editing changes other than cropping without my permission. If you want to make a change, just fly it by me, and I will make reasonable edits for free.


****Other other stuff. Like more details:


Prices and details subject to change without notice.

Head First Photo reserves the right to use any picture in any form such as, but not limited to the use in advertising, contests, reproduction and copyright. When you hire me, you agree to these terms.

Printing through Head First Photo is also available.

A la Carte Prices:

Desk Prints

4x6 $2

5x7 $10

8x10 $20

8x12 $22


Wall Prints

11x14 $45

12x18 $50

16x20 $80

Add an additional $15 for foam core mounting on sizes 8x10 and larger.

Ask about other sizes, textures and finishes. I can do gallery wraps too! They are pricey, but sooooo cool.


All Images are © copy right of Head First Photo. Images may not be reproduced, distributed, copied or used in any fashion without expressed written permission from Shauna Foliaki (that's me!).



Contact me if you have further questions:


Whew! Now that we have that all out of the way, let's get down to the real business of having fun and taking pictures!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Senior. Senior.

I should be in bed.  I have a big and exciting day tomorrow.

But, I just














brother and sister




The images say it all.



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