Thursday, September 8, 2011

School Portraits Shauna Style {Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Gold Canyon, Scottsdale, Higley School Portrait Photographer}


Most kids don’t love getting their school portraits done.  And why would they? 

Imagine the line up in front of a canvas backdrop, the pressure to smile good enough  to make mom cry with happiness when she sees it 2 weeks later, a big flash and 10 seconds of fame in front of the camera with your whole class watching your performance.





That is why I love, love, love being able to go outside where kids thrive and crave to be even though it is still 103 degrees. 

Their eyes sparkle in the natural light and the sun does pretty things to their skin and the fresh air is magical.

We we talk about their crushes and food and stuff.

And then I get amazing pictures like these.

I think I am in school portrait heaven.

And, I just might cry.


See available dates here:


PS  These are for your personal use and most likely not allowed to be published in your school yearbook.  Your kids will still be getting their photos taken on school picture day and that is the photo that will be in the yearbook.  The pictures you and I take will be treasured keepsakes!


The Romero family said...

Love them. Can't wait to have my kids photographed! My favorite has to be Alyssa with her tongue sticking out, SO funny! Great pictures Shauna.

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